A Vision for the Future

Our present culture is hedonistic, meaning living for pleasure. Surely God's word teaches us that God did in fact create much for our benefit and enjoyment. However there is so much today that God did not design for man to indulge in. This plunge from a God fearing lifestyle to our present degenerative society is very evident and the chickens are all coming home to roost.

While we may not change the entire world, we do hold that a true New Testament Church is a company of spiritually alive believers whose lives evidence the person of Jesus Christ on a daily basis. This company of believers sprinkled like salt throughout the community then, can and should have a positive impact in our local community.

We will trust God to raise up such men and women who will allow God to use them to build this body into a many faceted ministry which will not only be a tremendous blessing to the membership but also become an integral part of the community. Pray about making our vision your vision as well!