A Place for Your Family

Broken homes, broken marriages and broken lives have become the norm for our society but there is nothing normal about heartache, depression, fear, loneliness,broken trust and hopelessness. We promise to do our Christian best; God being our help to provide you with the message of forgiveness and regeneration. Our church is not just a group of do-gooders rather a group of sinners that have themselves been forgiven a great debt of sin.

We are part of the Family of God and invite you and your family to come and find real purpose, healing and strength to build you and your family on a sure foundation. That foundation is God's Word. Many today are finding that the things this world offers upon which to build are just sinking sand. Come and learn how to build upon the Rock. You will be glad you did, both now and in eternity!

There is a place here for you and yours.  We pray that you will consider becoming a part of our family and come home to Crossroads.